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The Department of Veteran Affairs has treated veterans of those tests for many years. On days when an atomic shot was scheduled for the following morning, we would check the tower in the center of the camp at p. If the light was red, we would head into Las Vegas to see live entertainment. If the light was green at p. If the light was red, we would sleep through the night. If the light was green, we would go to bed and get up at p.

From the dining hall, we would load up into vans to go to the test site to be in place by a. Before the test series was started we had been given a tour in closed vehicles around the craters form earlier atomic tests. The craters appeared similar to a volcano crater, except that they were not black with lava but white with fused sand.

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The craters were about a half-mile in diameter and were ringed by structures made from different materials to determine how they stood up under [atomic] explosions. When we arrived at the test site before the atomic shot, it would be completely dark. Most of the bombs were detonated about one minute before daybreak to allow testing for radiation without any sunlight. Sunlight consists of many of the same types of radiation as an atomic explosion—visible light, infrared light, ultraviolet light, etc. We would be standing in a bunker, which was essentially a mound of sand about 15 feet high and about a mile long, located about ten miles from ground zero.

Our only protective clothing was a pair of dark goggles. An atomic blast is about times brighter than the sun, so we could look directly into the sun with those goggles and it would appear only as a bright disc. A voice would come over a loud speaker at intervals giving us warning of the approaching time for the explosion.

Finally, the count-down would begin — ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, zero. Immediately there was a bright flash that was all that my eyes could bear even through the dark goggles. Within a couple of seconds, a bright white ball formed and expanded very quickly at ground zero and then started to rise quickly. At the point the sun would rise suddenly as it always does in the desert, and it appeared that the explosion had lit up the world.

After the initial bright flash, we were allowed to remove our goggles.

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The white ball would expand rapidly and start turning bright yellow as it rose. The color turned quickly to orange and then to a fiery red as the ball arose. Finally as the cloud took the form of a gigantic mushroom, the whole column would turn white and keep expanding upward. The next sight seen at every test was a silver airplane circling the cloud and reflecting both the sunlight and the brightness of the cloud and then flying into the cloud. Years late, I saw the pilot of that plane on television, and he said that it was a bumpy ride.

After about a half hour, the cloud would begin drifting east. We would then go back to the camp and get into vehicles to start driving out across the desert to test for radioactive fallout.


There would be two men per car or truck tracking the cloud, and we would stop periodically to check for different forms of radioactivity—gamma rays, beta particles and alpha particles—and call in our results to our headquarters by radio. We used something like what the public knows as Geiger Counters that used removable shields to block out all but one type of radiation at a time.

One time we made the mistake of calling in form a point on the side of the road in the barren desert when it was about degrees Fahrenheit in the shade, except there was no shade. Commander Carter, assistant director of our mission said over the radio to stay there and call in readings every fifteen minutes. We were there about three hours in the dry heat, and I became dehydrated and developed a severe headache.

When we finally got to a populated oasis, my partner went swimming in a public swimming pool surrounded by palm trees, while I lay on a bench and suffered.

The place where the aporia of the Christ is illusively explicit

We would sometimes be gone for two or three days on these cloud-tracking trips. In the meantime, our headquarters was plotting the radioactivity readings on maps as we called in. One time, a bomb on a tower did not go off and Commander Carter picked me as the subject of a practical joke. You have been selected.

We all had a laugh. The Testing of Christ. But the testing of atomic bombs is insignificant compared to the stranger-than-fiction testing of the Lord Jesus Christ, God incarnate. And as He perfectly passed every such test the Lord Jesus gave us the formula for conquering any temptation—reverential dependence upon God and His will for our lives, as that is revealed by specific and situation-relevant Scriptures, applied to our attitudes and actions.

What a role-model for us! Here-and-now Testing, for Rewards Hereafter. Wherein ye greatly rejoice, though now for a season, if need be, ye are in heaviness through manifold temptations, that the trial of your faith , being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire , might be found unto praise and honor and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ. And this is cause for joy! And, as we suffering afflictions in life—and other painful forms of testing—we can take comfort in knowing something that Job did not originally know because he could not then read the Old Testament book that bears his name : God is faithful and providentially caring 1 st Corinthians , so He will make a way for our souls to succeed.

See 1st Samuel chapters 4—6 , analyzed in James J. See William A.

Department of Energy. And, this is also true for the testing of individuals. See, accord, James J. Norwegian-Americans are famous for treasuring their lutefisk, a strange concoction of codfish, dried hard and then softened by a process that includes being soaked in lye — and then thoroughly water-rinsed and boiled to remove the lye. To appreciate that Nordic cuisine culture idiosyncrasy, consider the following piece of rural church history.

On the morning of August 8, , Holden Lutheran Church burned to the ground, taking a century of history with it. Norwegian settlers founded the church, located about 9 miles northeast of Isle in central Minnesota. The congregation was small, but it had a rich history—and a reputation of hosting the best lutefisk dinner in the area.

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After the fire, parishioners gathered to remove the debris and fill the huge hole left in the ground. What a wonderful Norwegian Lutheran community tradition! Olaf Lutheran Church. After several years of time-consuming preparations, organizing, cooking, and serving, the crowds attending the supper became so large that the ladies of the church felt they could no longer carry on this custom so it was discontinued. This group took on the arduous task of preparing the fish.

The fish comes from Norway in pound bales [i. The weight of each dry fish is from one and a half to two pounds and has already been split in half. This is a slow and difficult job. Next, the fish is soaked in a solution of lye [ a strongly alkaline solution, usually dominated by potassium hydroxide ] and water for 72 hours. At the end of these three days, the [now softened] fish is taken out and rinsed and cleaned of any excess skin or any brown spots.

95 Theses Against the Anti-Christ

Most of the fins are removed. Next, the fish is soaked in a solution of lime [ limewater is an alkaline solution of calcium hydroxide ] and water for a period of 72 hours.

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The fish are taken out at the end of that time and carefully cleaned again. After this cleansing, the fish are then soaked in clear water for 96 hours, changing the water every twelve hours [ culminating ten days of various soakings of the no-longer-stiff stockfish! By this time the chunks have swelled to four and a half to five times the beginning size and are white.

At cooking time, the fish are placed into a cheesecloth bag, put into a pot of salted, boiling water and boiled about five to ten minutes.