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Dinter, Paul: Der Duft des Kerzenwindes. Printed Art from Shanghai in Vienna. In: Chinese Contemporary Printmaking from Shanghai. Vienna: edition ps, , p. Contemporary Printmaking from Shanghai. Shanghai International Printmaking. Exhibition at Shanghai Art Museum. Holzschneider Hans Henzinger. Japan sinkt. Ein Manga. Im MAK.

In: The Origin of the Dimension. Helene Weigel, Brecht's partner, once confided to her daughter: "Your father was a loyal person. Unfortunately too many. The story of Prior who is seriously ill and is abandoned by his friend Louis. With the angels nevertheless angry and desperate for his life.

The story of Louis abandoning Prior in great need. Then cannot escape the shadow of his guilt.

Der Wanderer zwischen den Welten wird 85

The story of Harper… Lire la suite. What political, economic and societal strategies and alliances need to be formed to stop climate change? Hamlet [concert version] Opera. Improv Comedy. Klubbekanntschaften Improv Comedy. An improvised play about the first date While on stage improvisers meet for the first date, the audience can also get to know each other Revolverkino at the Gropius Bau Films.

Every month on three evenings in a row through film history, formats and genres: The film magazine Revolver shows in the Gropius Bau what cinema can be. Shown are… Lire la suite. In Berlin-Charlottenburg, a new theater is to be built, the Globe Berlin, a wooden round theater based on Shakespeare's model.

Roxy and her Dream Team Operetta. Under the tried-and-tested oversight of director Stefan Huber and following on from the great success of Clivia , Die Geschwister Pfister are now taking on one of the most supposedly masculine domains of all: the world of football! Five students decided to start a band and so the Bs since the mids are doing their mischief on the stages of the world. Who can you be? Although her life is subject to external control, her yearning for freedom lives on. Indeed, one day she does begin moving to a different beat. Classical Music.

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So he is not only co-founder of the legendary "Central Quartet", but also since the s, an internationally sought-after improvisation musician. Christiane Karg, one of the most sought-after lyrical sopranos, has joined the Frenchman Antoine Tamestit for her "evening with Everything you want Play. Lucie, a successful playwright, has a writer's block. Previously her unsuccessful and chaotic private life provided the material for her pieces, but now she is happy, also happily married, as she says, and lacks any inspiration for writing; the paper remains… Lire la suite.

Four people in a secret bunker on Potsdamer Platz, deep underground, selected by Angela Merkel herself, are to save the world. And it has to go fast. Because this disaster seems unstoppable. Marriages have already broken up a thousand times over, global… Lire la suite. Independence for all Performance.

Do we want to fight for or against it? And… Lire la suite.

Rezi - Wanderer - Hüter der Zeit von Amelie Murmann

Theatre in Progress Performance. In Arabic with German surtitles Medea stands alone in a tiny room. Or not? What does she have to report? There are no stages where the well-known Lebanese actress and theater maker Hanane Hajj Ali could tell this story unhindered in her homeland. The duo's harmony is perfect: Plain with her full, velvety voice and impressive appearance and Kaiser as her smart, cool counterpart with… Lire la suite.

In the simple sales office of the furniture store Rucks Leather Interiors, Mr. Grareth Krubb the unbelievably gangly Wakenshaw and Mr. Dennis Chang the somewhat broader Duncan with an unexpected feminine side going about… Lire la suite.

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With its new production, the Shakespeare Company Berlin opens the summer season and asks with "Measure for measure! Decay of morals, fornication and corruption! In him, the promise resonates, tonight could happen something significant, magical. Kairos, as the ancient Greeks called the moment perfect timings: always in front of us and yet… Lire la suite.

Join the charismatic ensemble of actors, dancers, and acrobats on a fantastic adventure and wild journey to the… Lire la suite. Murderers and murderers Play. Rudi and Paul wake up in Rudi's marriage bed and cannot remember anything. Rudi is a bland Wilmersdorfer insurance agent and Paul is a very alternative operator of a Kreuzberg catering service. Rudi's wife comes back from a business trip and is very irritated… Lire la suite.

Spreeperlen Play.

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Based on start-up entrepreneurs, tourists, failed artists and homeless, the Revue fans out a colorful arc of individual fates, which also reveal a section of the diverse Berlin society. Opposites of East and West, success and disenchantment, love and… Lire la suite. Stachelschweinerei Political Cabaret.

From The twelve charismatic bundles of energy take off on their Millennium Tour - a homage to the world hits of the last hundred years! A Relationship Comedy A theatrical revelation for those who want to lead, lead or lead a relationship… Lire la suite. Kabarett The heart shot up by Cupid's arrows, how beautiful would that be! But instead, the brain is worn down by its own psychosis. The everyday madness and the insane everyday life: Can you lie spoon with someone who has been picked up? Can you… Lire la suite. Germany Rents no longer affordable, the government unstable and Merkel's chancellorship at the end.

The way out: the project Futur of the Federal Government. So by time machine off in a happy future. Angela Merkel is desperate - no one really loves her. On the couch of her psychologist, she comes up with an idea: With her knowledge as a physicist she makes a time machine. So she could catapult her people into a carefree future - and then even gain… Lire la suite.

OverSeas Performance. Overseas is a multi-disciplinary performance that combines dance, new circus and music. Ten artists develop a stage performance to a soundtrack presented live at each performance - a mix of jazz, traditional Vietnamese music and hip-hop.

An armada of red lounge chairs is invitingly ready. Not a dream, but real open-air cinema in the here and now.

Walking Tour.