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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Cineplex: Intermediate German Language and Culture Through Film is a communicative textbook for second-year German-language courses that uses engaging, authentic cultural materials: feature films from Germany.

Each of the ten chapters in Cineplex focuses on a contemporary, critically-acclaimed film—on highly motivational topics ranging from the West-German student movement to the German Democratic Republic to Turkish-German migrants to the Holocaust—that appeals to the needs of intermediate learners and their understanding of German-speaking culture. Designed for today's student, Cineplex is more than just a textbook—it is a space in which students can 'meet' the people of Germany through the big screen and experience German language and culture as it is performed in context.

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Course Instructors: click here for information on available instructor materials for Cineplex. Additional Resources:. Course Instructor Resources :. It contextualizes and amplifies the film content with cultural and literary readings, creative communicative exercises and a systematic review of grammar.

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The visual presentation of material is superb and I was very favorably impressed with the way in which the authors are able to use pictures and other visuals in so many activities. Each and every page is attractive and engaging and sure to stimulate student interest. The accompanying workbook contains an abundance of easy-to-grade short exercises that drill language, grammar, and culture. Bound to attract many enthusiastic followers in the near future. The films are not included with the purchase of the book, for more information on where to purchase the films click here.

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