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Some psychological symptoms may be related to physical changes brought on by the rebalancing of our hormones. Others may be directly associated with hormonal changes that take place during the menopause. Managing physical symptoms can help alleviate some psychological symptoms. For example, hormone surges that wake you at night can cause night sweats and insomnia, and leave you feeling tired, anxious, and vulnerable the next day.

Thanks Girls another great book! Thank you so much. Menopause anxiety is very common and often one of the most difficult symptoms for us to cope with during the menopause.

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However, it is important to know that you are not alone on this journey, and talking openly about your anxiety can be very therapeutic. Many of us suddenly feel unable to cope with situations that were never a problem before. This can be frightening and undermine your confidence and you might even think that you are actually going crazy!

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This thought has regularly crossed my mind. Anxiety is like a build-up of pressure in your mind. It is stating the obvious, but to alleviate this pressure we need to vent the anxiety. Menopause can cause vague yet debilitating anxiety. Some women have panic attacks for the first time Menopause can cause a lot of women to suffer from debilitating anxiety.

Try to take some time out and about admiring the glory of nature. My Second Spring E-book. Thank you so much Order Now. Try not to let anxiety build up, talk to others. Highly recommend! Treatments and Therapies Herbal Medicine and Menopause. Blog Frazzled! She offers assistance to him and believes Emily is innocent.

The FBI are able to identify Dr. Warren and Jack reconcile and Warren helps to track down Charles. Charles is admitted in a mental hospital and Emily decides to go meet him. The masked man gives Alice and Flynn water and moldy bread and later takes Flynn away to the torture room. He shuts Flynn in the glass tank and fills it with water, same as Emily.

Nick and Gibbs gather information about Shen and his secret experiments. Emily arrives at the institute and is able to trick her way in. An inmate helps her to get to Charles by creating a diversion but warns her to be careful. Charles recognises Emily and they wrestle.

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Charles accused her of being bad and that she used to make people fight. Emily is unable to make him talk about the other person in the tape, subject A. Nick and Gibbs reach the institute and witness the diversion.

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Emily escapes but Nick chases her, finally catching up to her. They have a stand off, pointing guns at each other and Emily shoots Nick. Gibbs continues to chase Emily down but is unable to catch her as she escapes on a train. Alice regains consciousnesses, but finds Flynn missing. She is able to escape from the room.

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  4. In the train Emily reads the book she stole from Charles. She finds repeated drawings of a pitchfork inside.

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    Emily jumps from the train after she senses that the FBI is chasing her. Nick is not injured from the bullet as he was wearing protection. Gibbs points this out to Nick about Emily knowing he would be protected. She notes the name of the manufacturer of the tank. Emily breaks in a hotel to use the computer for researching about the manufacturer but as people notice her, she flees.

    Just as the police arrive at the hotel she hides in a delivery van, which drives away. She asks Jack to find out who ordered the tank in which she was tortured. Alice is able to find Flynn trapped inside and breaks open the tank and saves Flynn.

    They try to escape but Alice is shot by a dart by the masked man. Nick is told by Crown that Harlow was not in the country when some murders happened and that implies he definitely has a partner. Nick and Gibbs meet Charles. He tells them about his friend who hurt Dr. Shen and that there was candy in the air where the children got hurt. This leads them to the place where a molasses storage tank exploded years ago.

    Jack tells Emily that the tank was ordered 7 years ago and that she was the one who ordered the tank. Emily sets out to the address where the tank was ordered. She tells Crown Harlow had an accomplice and that it was a woman. Emily arrives at the building and discovers Nick and Gibbs there too.

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    Emily finds a picture as a clue and escapes before Nick and Gibbs realise she is there. Nick discovers that the shop on the opposite side sells the same masks as that used by the masked man Emily described. With the help of the picture, Emily reaches a cabin and decides to go in. She calls up Nick and asks him to come there too but alone. Emily enters the cabin through a trap door.

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    Inside the cabin Emily has a panic attack and is attacked by the masked man. She wakes up in a room with an unconscious Alice, a tv and a camera. The Masked man talks to her through the tv. A flashback of the orphanage days shows a young Emily, eager to be adopted. She presents herself as a nice, well behaved kid so that people like her but is not so. This was the reason why Shen chose the masked man as his subject.