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For he had no wish to remain in that perverse land which the plundered and banished King of Portugal — that picker-up of Jacintos — was now leaving.

He embarked for France with his wife, Senhora Dona Angelina Fafes … , his son Jacintinho … , the nursemaid, and a black servant-boy. Between and , a Portuguese school with Portuguese teaching staff and Portuguese-speaking students operated at Fontenay-aux-Roses near Paris.

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With the profile of the Lusophone mobile community thus established, one might wonder about the number of the Portuguese exiles in Paris. Given that members of the Portuguese-speaking community were a minority in a city with a growing number of diverse mobile communities, it is worth to remark that a Portuguese bookshop was operating in Paris between and Secondly, the Portuguese Reading Cabinet had as its users Portuguese immigrants and, to a lesser extent, high-ranking Brazilian citizens.

Therefore, Azevedo concludes that the success of this establishment can be explained by the different migratory movements of Portuguese citizens, especially those from the North of Portugal, to the capital of the Empire. In this migratory movement, which began with the Civil War and lasted until the second half of the nineteenth century, a high number of Portuguese doctors, lawyers and merchants moved to Rio de Janeiro in search of better professional opportunities.

Furthermore, Abreu et al. In response to the growing number of immigrants, there arose associations providing migrant communities with a place to meet and with publications books, periodicals, etc. Examples of these enclaves include the Germanic Society founded in , the British Subscription Library established in and the Cercle Suisse founded in This novel is presented as an original text and indeed some of the chapters seem to have been originally written in Portuguese.

However, it was possible to identify the translation of various fragments from multiple source texts. Before arguing that such references can indeed be found in the text, it is necessary to draw attention to the situation of censorship and freedom of speech in nineteenth-century Portugal.

Despite the fact that institutional censorship was abolished in , evidence suggests that references to the Absolutist government were not tolerated in the public sphere even after that date. This highly veiled reference was undoubtedly understood as such by the audience who heard the speech in In fact, all partisans of the Absolutist regime who had not been granted Royal pardon were denied the right to speak publicly, at least as far as Portuguese political matters were concerned.

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The similarities between this story and the history of Dom Miguel would have been easily recognised by the Portuguese reader. King Roderic ignores all prophetic warnings and enters an enchanted tower in order to obtain treasures that would allow him to fund the war. In a similar situation to that of the legendary Roderic, in order to fund the war King Dom Miguel, against all prudent advice, contracted a heavy loan from the French state. Having argued that this particular Portuguese novel can be read as influenced by the exile experience, it is now necessary to establish whether this literary response can be considered as part of a recurring trend, i.

The first one is the meeting between different characters in the novel, the second one is the questioning, by European citizens, of the European canon. Rather, they are intertwined in the novel. In these wanderings, two types of adventure occur. On the other hand, there are episodes in which the protagonist encounters other mobile characters of different nationalities.

In these episodes, the role of Don Severino is as listener while the foreign characters recount their own life stories. In the case of these two episodes the aim of the analysis will be limited to identifying the source texts of these chapters, which can be proven to be genuine translated fragments selected from anthologies printed during the period under study here. Literary popular traditions were considered as inseparable from vernacular languages and as a product of national spirit that led to an intense production of national literary anthologies.

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One clear example is the above-mentioned Spanish collection, the English title of which would be The Library of Spanish Authors. Moreover, encounters between people of different nationalities also, and most importantly, provided an opportunity for comparing different literary canons. O senhor D. From the literary works referred to in the quote it is possible to trace the influence of prose works from the sixteenth-century Portuguese literary canon, cherished as the Golden Age of Portuguese Literature by Romantic authors, e.

Almeida Garrett Maia , Furthermore, these prose works have the common trait of bearing testimony to the Age of the Discoveries, i. This article has unveiled a literary phenomenon that was involved in the creation and maintenance of solidarity networks of Portuguese exiles in Paris and, quite probably, of Portuguese migrants in Rio de Janeiro. Having started with the contextual analysis of popular literature novels translated into Portuguese between and , it was possible to argue that the publication of these novels in Paris was part of the literary activities of the Portuguese Bookshop, owned by Jean-Pierre Aillaud.

This bookshop was engaged in providing Portuguese-language versions of works from across different literary genres, including popular picaresque novels, to the Lusophone community in Paris. In this context, the literary translations functioned complementarily with other activities aimed at preserving multilingualism, e.

Preliminary data seem to suggest that the provision of translated novels functioned similarly in Rio de Janeiro. The collected data indicate that all literature published in Portuguese in Paris was soon after made available in the Portuguese Reading Cabinet in Rio de Janeiro and that this institution was also, on its own terms, a project of resistance to cultural assimilation. This research avenue should be pursued in future work on the profile of Portuguese migrants and, most notably, on the presence of Absolutist exiles in nineteenth-century Rio de Janeiro.

The contextual analysis of the literary corpus also provided data on the growing number of migrant communities in nineteenthcentury Paris and Rio de Janeiro, hence making it possible to argue that these two cities constituted nineteenth-century global cities. Since these literary works seemed to have circulated mainly in Paris and in Rio de Janeiro, it was hypothesised that the target texts would textually show a commitment to helping the Portuguese migrant in global cities.

Therefore, an analysis of inter-historical textual elements was undertaken in a particular target text. Future research will hopefully provide the analysis of the remaining eleven popular anonymous novels. In fact, the first message the Portuguese Don Quijote attempts to convey is that we should not be afraid of the unknown, that there are no ghosts or werewolves, only humans. The Portuguese Don Quijote seems to be advising all fellow Portuguese knights-errant in exile to trust in literature to lay bare the true essence of the global neighbour.

Finally this bit of quixotic madness should be permitted to anyone who undertook the moving crusade of helping mobile Portuguese exiles and migrants to re-discover a home for themselves in the hybrid cities of Paris and Rio.

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Nevertheless, the work by Soriano , reproduces the letter in which King Dom Miguel appoints Carvalho Portugal as Surrogate Chief Judge in the case against the Liberal rebels, following an insurrection in Oporto on May 16, Most notably, they accused the exiled king of letting his supporters fall into oblivion. It is thus common to read pejorative remarks about King Dom Miguel in texts authored by former Absolutists. However, the author does not omit that Carvalho Portugal had taken part in it as Surrogate Chief Judge against Absolutist rebels four years before.

That is to say that Viale, who had served King Dom Miguel, used derogatory adjectives to refer to the Absolutists. He calls them the supporters of the Infant and the Queen, thus opposing them to the supporters of the true and only King. Angra: Imp. Lisboa: Imp.

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Nevesiana, ; Procedimento que o governo usurpador e o extincto senado praticou com o official maior graduado Lisboa: Nova Impr. Nacional, Carta dirigida ao Miguel e seus sequazes Carlota, estando presente o usurpador. Lisboa: Na Imprensa Nevesiana, Caminhos do romance. Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Aillaud, Jean-Pierre. Catalogo dos livros portuguezes e latinos publicados em Pariz por J. Tanith Lee , definitely. I adored her work, particularly the stuff she wrote in the 70's and 80's.

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Elizabeth Bear , who is a good friend and a marvelous writer — I go to her when I want to sink into the most gorgeous, visionary prose. Barbara Hambly , for her early fantasy, her historical mystery, and then her return to fantasy. Holly Black , for the kind of faeries who are beautiful and awesome and unkind. And Mercedes Lackey , who envisioned a kind and noble country called Valdemar, and keeps inviting me back. I didn't read that book until I was 30, and even then I skimmed it.

It wasn't until I saw the Baz Luhrman movie that I finally gave it a real chance. These days I lie about having read Flannery O' Connor. I was a sucker for a Thomas Canty cover. I couldn't ever leave a book with Canty's work on it untouched — I'd read the back, try the first few pages, and then it would come home with me. His work hit my on buttons — the influences of the pre-Raphaelites was there, the art nouveau styling — I couldn't resist it. And I discovered some great books because of his art. I can tell you about the book that never let go. People lived for centuries—basically until they got bored, and then were reincarnated with their memories wiped and in the center of it is this character in the middle of what's supposed to be a two centuries long adolescence, and she's bored out of her mind.

I don't know why this book has such a hold on me, but I've always had a copy of it. This question has me tempted to pretend to have read books I totally haven't read. I had so much of people criticizing what I read growing up—and then pushing me to read "better" books, that I've resisted reading the canon of great literature. I like to recommend books that recognize the preferences of the person doing the reading. Usually, there's a lot of enjoyment for me in re-reading a book.

It's a deeper experience.

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      It certainly led me to a great author, with a number of books in my to-read pile.