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Okay, maybe not that. One of my favorite genres right now is historical fiction. I love me some historical fiction.

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I feel like I can learn and experience history while reading about people who experienced it even if they are just fictional. This is a book that does this beautifully.

The story itself is really touching. However, one of the things I loved most about this book is that it is World War II on the home front and in this case, the home front is France , and that home front was basically fought by women. Although these women were not necessarily out traipsing around in uniform and carrying guns, they were fighting the real fight—how do you feed your children with no food?

How do you deal with an occupying army? How do you make due with the little that is left?

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How do you pick up the pieces from your broken men and survivors of the front-line atrocities? The story itself is incredible.

Hannah is a good writer, too, which makes it all the better. But be warned—as with the war itself, although the Allies won, it was not without loss and sadness. This book explores that cue emoji. I rarely give five stars, but I think this book is deserving.


It has to be more than just well-written or a good, exciting read. To get five stars, a book needs to mean something—to change my life in some way. I would say that this book is completely worth the read. I highly recommend it.

It also recently won the best historical fiction of by goodreads. It is not gratuitously or offensively so, however, and is on par with others in its genre. Brimming with tangible historical details, sensitive prose and a wealth of poignant scenes, Eschenburg's love story easily escapes the sometimes confining predictability of the romance genre and breathes a fuller life into it.

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Forecast: The novel's bland cover won't boost sales any, but strong word-of-mouth will motivate those who are tired of gorging on light romantic bonbons to seek out this stirring story. View Full Version of PW. Buy this book. Zeebra Books. Discover what to read next. PW's Best Books of PW Picks: Books of the Week.