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Sankarea 3: Undying Love by Mitsuru Hattori

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Sankarea: Undying Love

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Chapter list: The heart Rea's just gotten permission to live with Chihiro and return to school, when a strange blonde woman arrives at the house!

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This isn't just some confused tourist, though— she knows all about the reanimation potion, and Grandpa is terrified of her… Could she be a threat to Rea? Chapter list: A Extra: I am also A strange foreign doctor warns Rea that her "turbid period" is approaching… and that it will bring with it an insatiable desire to eat Furuya's flesh! Realizing she may not have much time left to live as a sane, normal girl, Rea works as hard as she can to enjoy her first, and maybe last, summer festival with Chihiro.

UNBOXING SANKAREA MANGA VOLS. 1-5 & Zero's Familiar vol. 1-3 & 4-5

But is it already too late for them both?! Chapter list: I The hotel where she first met Chihiro is burning around her, but Rea's strangely glowing eyes are fixed on the boy she loves.

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Will she come to her senses before she eats Chihiro or the fire consumes them both? And even if they do escape, what can Rea do to keep herself from completely losing her reason and becoming nothing but a zombie hungry for Chihiro's flesh? Chapter list: Fri Extra: My Searching through the forest at night, Chihiro finds Bub and comes face-to-face with the true nature that lies waiting in all zombies as his beloved pet turns against him.

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Chihiro is saved by Towa but Bub is left paralyzed in the aftermath and may never walk again. Can Bub continue to be happy in this state? Can Chihiro put aside his selfishness to bid farewell to a dear friend? Chapter list: I don't want to This place has been called the zombie "holy land" but with cute girls like these to tickle Chihiro's fancy, could this be a bit of zombie "paradise"?


Meanwhile, the Chief has taken an interest in Rea and conducts a series of tests to probe her unique zombie state. Is Rea's rare condition the key to suppressing the "turbid period"? Chapter list: Someday Barely escaping an untimely end, Chihiro is on the run from his zombie pursuers but to his surprise, he is joined by his grandfather, who has come to ZoMA to right the wrongs of his sordid past-if he can remember what's going on, that is.

Elsewhere, a light is shined into the dark corners of Chief Salva's curious past, bringing insight into his relationship with Darin as well as his deep infatuation with Rosalie. What is it that fuels Chief Salva's intense passion for zombies? Is it pure love or just madness?