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The front end came out of the water about five feet, I guess. There were definitely two humps, and we could see space between the water and the bottom of the humps — it was snakelike. The two women watched the creature for seven to ten minutes. It made a believer out of me. Later that evening we sought out another eyewitness, Ann Koch of Wilmington, Delaware.

The Mysterious Lake Monster You’ve Never Heard Of

Her Lake Champlain monster sighting came on July 2 about noon, while she was opening her lakeside camp, several miles south of Basin Harbor, along with a friend from Wilmington, Rita Shaffer. Ann had been to Loch Ness and was a believer in lake monsters in general, Champ in particular.

Her friend Rita was a skeptic. But it was Rita who first spotted the undulating black hump and screamed for Ann to get a camera. Ann came outside just in time to see the creature submerging, leaving a broad, muddy wake in the shallow water just offshore.

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We left and started looking for the house of still another recent witness. Zarr tries to interview every witness and check to be sure what they saw was not one of the more prosaic inhabitants of the lake. Size is important, too. He nodded. We were driving down a long straight dirt road without streetlights, looking for a yellow house belonging to a man who claimed to have taken videotape of the creature.

In the bright moonlight every house looked yellow. We paused at every mailbox, straining to read the names. Zarr was frustrated.

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One of the most interesting was a letter from a local writer named Pete Horton, who reported that on July 1 he had been sitting by Potash Bay an inlet between the locations of the McGeoch and Koch sightings reading, when he heard what he thought was a school of fish. But there had been no boats. Then for a second it looked like two women with black bathing caps and black bathing suits. But there were no arms or legs.

The noise was not a splashing. In the morning the fog lifted slowly, like a curtain, revealing the cliffs of New York State rosy in the level sunlight.

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Pat was in the kitchen, making blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Zarr was on watch. We ate, facing the lake. It was so quiet and still we could hear fish jumping, and the clicking of the sonar on the porch.


When I imagine seeing Champ, I think about a big sound, a churning sound. She is a real person. She was trying to save her kids.

Photographic evidence?

One school of thought favors the zeuglodon, a primitive whale that was thought to have become extinct 20 million years ago. Others nominate the plesiosaur, a marine reptile with a snakelike neck and four large flippers to propel it through the water. It is believed to have died out between 60 and 70 million years ago. The coelacanth, a strange fish once thought to have become extinct at the same time as the plesiosaur, was rediscovered in I imagine that when I see Champ, it will be a good sighting — eyeball to eyeball.

He chuckled. I never won. He spoke of one Loch Ness monster hunter whose tactics were to loudly announce his intention to go one place to observe, then go to a different spot to fool his prey. Another, a minister, believed in meditating to draw the creatures close. They fell into an old argument.

Pat takes the pragmatic position that more publicity would help raise money for a more thorough search for Champ. We look at unicorn legends as a kind of last hope that there is some part of the human character that is pure.

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If we can find one of these — Champ, Nessie, the Sasquatch — and see them as part of nature, not monsters, it might inspire us to achieve other things — find a cure for cancer. This is the good part, the search. Any day could be The Day. Then it belongs to the zoologists. I believe in the animal. But to someone like Ann Koch or Peg McGeoch, those sightings will become their little crusades for the rest of their lives, to try to persuade others. A breeze came up, blowing away the last wisps of fog and cross-hatching the water with ripples.

There seemed to be rivers on the surface, coiling up sluggishly from deep within, moving south. This scholarly and respectable periodical reported that Champ travelled across the ocean to visit Nessy.

On the Trail of Champ (Lake Monster) - Episode 1: Not Your Average Lake

The Scottish officials became very indignant at Champ for leaving Nessy with a baby to care for all by herself. Yes…you are reading the maps wrong. Lake Champlain connects, indirectly, to the ocean via canals at its north and south end. Just after daylight while cutting the cups on the fifth hole which borders Lake Champlain I observed a large fish like object swimming slowly in the shallow water.

Around one-third of the sightings are of a creature with a "long sinuous neck" and a body with one or more humps, 15 to 25 feet long, and dark in color. The rest of the eyewitness sightings are of a creature with one or more humps, but with no visible head.

The theories as to what type of animal Champ may be are identical to those suggested for the Loch Ness Monster, although Joseph Zarzynski favors the plesiosaur as the leading candidate. There are some photographs and motion picture footage of Champ, but most of it--like that acquired at Loch Ness--is tantalizing but inconclusive. Perhaps the most significant photograph was taken on July 5, by Sandra Mansi of Connecticut. Mansi took a photo of what she thought was a "dinosaur" whose neck and head were some six feet out of the water.

The Mansi photograph has been examined by scientists, who concluded that it was not retouched or tampered with. This photograph garnered much attention from the media, appearing in the New York Times and Time magazine in June and July, Zarzynski and Jim Kennard of Rochester Engineering Laboratories have used high-tech sonar to search for Champ, and on June 3, , they took readings indicating the presence of a 10 to 15 foot long moving object in the waters beneath them.

If Champ is ever found, it may well be due to the pioneering efforts of Joseph W. Beginning over ten years ago with surface surveillance, he has evolved to using sonar and more recently underwater photography utilizing remotely operated vehicles such as those used to film the Titanic and find treasure in shipwrecks.

Recently, Mr.