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Daniel Irwin niwrid hotmail. Irwin, artist, actor, writer, soldier, scholar, priest, after traveling a great part of the world now resides back home in Sparta, Illinois. A shame that it would happen A shame what people could do A shame so many took part A shame innocents suffered A shame the world did little A shame to deny it happened A shame if we ever forget.

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David Ades davidades hotmail. My mother, born in the same year as Anne Frank, was woken night after night in July by sirens,. My six-year-old daughter knows about Anne Frank,. Had she been born in a different place in a different time. We live, we die, but what passes in between. David Lohrey grew up in Memphis.

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He teaches in Tokyo. We planted its ear in our flower bed next to ………… the foxgloves under 3 inches of mulch.

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  • It barks at night, or so my wife says. Her mole won first prize at the Pomona Fair, ………… taking 1st place for color but 3rd for taste. Lorraine calls everyone amigo except me. Her ass ………… is wider than our Maytag. The Rottweiler next door killed my appetite for life. Only the past offers escape. From here on out all our neighbors are Rottweilers. David Schwartz davidschwartzg aol. David Schwartz is the former president of Seedhouse, the online interfaith committee.

    His newest book, Shards And Verse is now in stores or can be order on line. Names are not real people. David Schwartz and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

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    Yom means day Hashoah means remembrance Holocaust means disambiguation or burnt We remember the burning We recall not singing For our voices were Pecked out my a metaphorical raven Metaphorically sitting here wishing there was saving We hope the terror is gone we pray we will see the sun but a part of the sin Is there is no grave yard to put bodies in. So let us look to the sky Not for a silent deity But for any images we may see. David Supper davidmsupper aol. David Supper now lives in Nottingham where he is a full time artist as well as writing poetry.

    Soon after the six day war David and his wife emigrated to Israel where his twins were born. Unfortunately this did not work out and they returned to the UK and he trained as a teacher at Manchester Poly. David was an art teacher in a secondary school in Berkshire for over 30 years. Sealed tight on iron wheels clanging, clashing, grinding metal on metal, burning coal, choking, cold, flesh sticks and tears, the smell of urine. The cries fade as the grim freight moves on, inexorably, heading east.

    In monochrome queues of people shuffle forward, left, right, left… children cling to their mothers, whimpering.

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    Numb with fear, wide-eyed, dogs barking they edged into the showers. Donal Mahoney donalmahoney1 gmail. Donal Mahoney has moved from St. Louis, Missouri, to Belleville, Illinois. They were refugees, too, back in the Forties, settled in Chicago, learned English, some a lot, some a little, found jobs of some kind, made do like their neighbors until things got better.

    And by the Seventies, on hot summer nights they were loud and happy gathering on Morse Avenue around parking meters in the dying sunlight outside one of the delis lining the street to argue about the Cubs or politics or anything they could disagree upon. If someone made a point someone else made a counterpoint.

    Arguments squared off with cab driver against lawyer, handyman against accountant, all of them equal as a people. They were survivors of the holocaust, some with forearm tattoos shouting under short sleeve shirts, others with tattoos silent under long sleeves worn to the office that day with a tie.

    Chicago had welcomed them thirty years earlier and now they were giving back, working and sending their children to college after making a life and a neighborhood their own. Elena Thornton info artizona. All the programs, events and activities are free to the community. The center will provide a home for all creative and innovative activities and will foster artistic growth for people of all ages through the participation in the arts.

    It will be a home for many wonderful community organizations and groups representing and celebrating our diverse community. Elizabeth Harmatys Park parkeliz yahoo.

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    She is a poet, a sociologist by profession, a teacher by vocation, a prison volunteer and peace activist. She is a past recipient of the first place Jade Ring poetry prize awarded by the Wisconsin Writers Association. Spirit babies flowing down to earth warm from oven wombs descended through millions of spirits young, in-between, old, unborn flowing upwards into eternity. Those new babies swam down into the world through a river of horror through grieving spirits trailing fierce sparks of remembrance as they ascended still warm still smoldering from the fire of extermination ovens.

    These being born, were they marked? These being born, were they singed? Did the tears that flowed from the murdered ones wet the birthing babies and cover them like cauls?

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    Eric Nicholson ericleo blueyonder. Eric Nicholson is now retired. He worked as an art teacher and also worked in other fields of education. One book about Renaissance Art and Self-inquiry is looking for a publisher. Now working on a book about Blake and Buddhism.

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    He enjoys countryside conservation, writing, singing in a choir and walking. Here he wielded an axe without thinking of it as an axe. I can see his face over there: Who would have thought we can see him today thinking the unthinkable and doing that which a small part of him knew not to do. A cousin speaks next: The camera pans slowly across a desk, switching directions so as to avoid a dark swastika; an abrupt cut shows a grainy footage of a rustic figure splitting logs; the Hitlerian moustache a mere shadow among deeper shadows; light splintering each black and white frame until the end.

    A fly crawls over my laptop screen briefly covering then takes wing as Heidegger becomes a talking head, full frame. Gregory-Adams and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author. Hitler is burning He burned yesterday He will be burning tomorrow He began to burn immediately after his last breath. Hitler will burn forever. He would gladly accept a drop of cool water on his tongue from the least of those at Auschwitz, at Dachau, at Warsaw, at Flossenburg.

    He has total recall of each prideful thought, callous decision, every brutal act, Now, he sees their faces perpetually before him. Geoffrey Heptonstall geoffreylit gmail. Geoffrey Heptonstall writes regularly for The London Magazine. He is also an essayist, playwright and poet.